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  • How long will my Personalized order take?
    We believe in providing you with a high standard service. Due to the personalised aspect of our products we allow 2-4 weeks to complete your order.
  • How long does shipping take?
    Depending on where in South Africa you are based, shipping usually takes between 3-7 working days.
  • I have something specific I would like made
    We do all types of designs & products please contact us at so we can provide you with an accurate quote for your specifications needed.
  • How does a wedding website work & do I need one?
    In this day and age wedding websites are a must to make your wedding planning easier and a bit more organised. Your wedding website is an information hub to your guests that helps eliminate all uncertainties and avoids confusion amongst your guests. All your RSVP's, menu selection, song suggestions etc. will be right there in one place and all you'll have to do is send out your wedding website. Now let's design that site!
  • How do I purchase a wedding website design
    You can view our "how it works" here or book our services here. Alternatively view our packages here
  • Can I customise my website
    We're here to make your vision come alive. Each one of our wedding websites are unique and beautiful in their own way!
  • Can I order now and use it later?
    Yes, after we have confirmed your order we provide you with an online form to submit all your info. This form can be submitted at any time once you are ready to start the design process.
  • How long does the design process take?
    Once we receive your information and guidelines the process takes between 5 - 9 business days to complete
  • I need my design faster, what now?
    We are always willing to assist in your time frame no extra costs!
  • I'm in need of your services but unsure if you will be able to assist
    Our business services are almost infinite and therefore we are unable to list all our specific in-depth skills & services. We would love to provide you with the necessary information and pricing on your specific needs, please contact us at
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